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MYND FURNITURE BLOG #Vol.60     #March 2018 (Spring)


Banquet service is the scope of the event or size of the crowd present. There are varieties of the style of the event and types of banquet service arrangements that are common to banquet providers such as caterings, hotels, banquet halls, seminars and etc.

When having a banquet, guests should be comfortable and have the ability to interact with each other. If there is a speaker at the banquet, the room should be set up to accommodate late entrants that do not disturb the event.

Setting up banquet tables properly ensures the safety and comfort of your guests.

Calculate the number of guests to be seated for the event. The number of guests will determine how many tables and chairs will be needed.

Determine if round or rectangle tables will be used.

  • Select a 54-inch round table to seat 6, a 60-inch round table to seat 8 or a 72-inch round table to seat 10 people.
  • Select a 30-inch by 72-inch rectangle table to seat 6 or 30-inch by 96-inch rectangle table to seat 10 people.
  • Set up banquet tables to allow 30 inches of space between each table. This creates an aisle for guests to pass through; 10 square feet of space is allowed per person.
  • Place the tables toward the front of the room, creating the entrance toward the back of the room.
  • Inspect all tables to ensure they are secure. You want to make sure the table legs are locked in place so that they do not fall on the guests. Throughout the inspection look to confirm there is enough room for guests and staff to pass through.

Banquet Types


1. Buffet

Buffet service is very common in events with large numbers of attendees. Guests pass through a buffet line that features food choices on tables separate from the seating area. Guests serve themselves, which allows for convenience in choosing what an individual wants to eat. They then return to their table to eat. Beverages are typically delivered and refilled by attendants.

2. Reception

Finger food and appetizers are presented in a buffet-style arrangement where guests can serve themselves. These are generally gatherings where people mill around the room while eating and chatting.

3. Food Stations

Food stations, or action stations as they're sometimes called, include a variety of courses and offerings to guests. Many times these stations are manned by chefs who are cooking or preparing food in front of guests. Popular choices for these stations include meat carving, pasta bars, sushi stations, and desserts.

4. Cafeteria-style

Cafeteria-style banquet service is very similar to a buffet, where guests stand in line to choose their food. However, in cafeteria service, workers or servers dish food from the buffet line. This helps control costs since workers have control over portion sizes

5. Plated

In this service, guests are seated and servers bring food already portioned onto plates directly from the kitchen. This is the most efficient type of banquet service and also the least expensive. You'll frequently see this style at formal events such as weddings, where guests have been asked their choice of protein (beef or chicken, for example) and plates are assembled and sorted by those requests.

6. Family-style

Common internationally, family-style service features seated guests with large quantities of food in plates or bowls brought from the kitchen and placed at the table. Guests serve themselves and pass the food around the table.

7. Pre-set
If you show up at an event and the food is already on the table, you've experienced a pre-set service. This is frequently seen with items such as bread rolls, desserts, salads, and beverages. Main entrees generally are brought out from the kitchen in this configuration.

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